Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Chicken Coop Build

Part One- Site Selection, Piers, and Floor

 So on our property, the 'South Forty' is actually on the North end. This is a lava flow with a bit of  topsoil on it and will be great for letting the chickens scratch around.  We laid it out and used hammer and stone chisel to a rough level.

We planned on raising the coop 24" off the ground so the chickens will  so we needed 9 posts to raise it up. This is pier and post and we needed 9 piers as well. The bolted piers were for the perimeter, the three without bolts are for the center of the floor. Cinder blocks filled with concrete was the logical choice.

Once the pads for the legs of the coop were leveled, we cut the legs out of 4 x 4 stock. Since the floor would be made of 2 x 4's, we notched the tops to get the best fit. I drilled out the bottom to fit the nut and bolt better.

We set out the piers on their pads, the got started on the floor. It sill looks like they are all off kilter and level, but we'll fix them in their permanent positions once the floor is installed. 
Here is the completed floor (on the left side of the photo) Simple framing of 2 x 4's, 24" on center then covered with 1/2 ply. For ease, we left the flooring un-painted, as we were covering it with roll linoleum.

Next Post, Part two, Walls, Rafters and setting the floor onto the piers on site.

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