Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Growing Fast

Growing Fast

or, Life Can Be Hard

We have had some storming rain the past two days, Hilo Airport reported 9+ inches for just yesterday. We have been worrying about the chicks getting back into the coop which means we have been doing a nightly chick check, well, yesterday we went to the movies and had dinner out, got back after dark but with the rain, we thought we'd check them again. We pulled out back in the Jeep (we didn't want to get wet) and used the headlights to see that there were no hens out. There is usually one roosting on the roof gutter, but not this night. Because we didn't have a flashlight, making sure everyone was inside was a bit tougher. 

Well, we must have missed a couple, perhaps hiding under the ramps, but this morning JoAnn found one chick very wet and dead and another one that was shivering but alive. 

She brought the live one in and found a box for her, towel dried the feathers while I set up a light to warm her by. JoAnn had a class to get to so I took over and folded the box flaps loosely and went in to start the sewing projects I had for the day. I heard the peeps and figured that the chick was feeling better so I came in to take a look. I adjusted the feed and water and re -closed the lid then headed back to sew. 

A few minutes later I heard the peeping again this time it was louder and definitely sounded closer. I looked around and the chick had gotten out of the box and was looking around the house. I picked her up and took her back to the box, but after three escapes, I gave up for a bit and  laid down on the floor to watch tv. The chick came over and sat down next to my hand and fluffed up, peeped a bit then fell asleep.  

I know that a day in the life of a chick can mean some magical advances in their growth, learning and awareness, but it doesn't all come at once. Like, since they are getting their flight feathers and can flap their way down from the ramp off the coop, it doesn't mean they know where they need to go to get back up into the coop for the night. Some how they haven't linked the ramp=down in the day with ramp= up for sleep.

 The one thing they grasped fast were the meally worms! Since they are fast, they usually get to the treats first when JoAnn throws them out. 

As for the dead chick, we plan on making a pyre the cremating the little one.
That is the circle of life, and not every day will be a good. one. 

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